Michael MacDonald


I discovered the web back in the mid 90‘s when Netscape was the new kid on the block. I’ve made a couple of sites, worked as a web admin, and now I am a Ruby on Rails programmer. But I’ve never had a blog – never felt I had anything useful to say. I probably still don’t but my colleagues have finally convinced me to share my apparent words of wisdom with the world.

Here’s some extra bits about me (I’ll slowly fill this out when I have the time):

  • senior ruby on rails programmer at the Australian Medical Council
  • technical director of SciNews, Australian media release distribution service focusing on science
  • owner of Star Class, web services and formerly an astronomy education provider
  • formerly worked at CSIRO as an administrator in the National Awareness Program, web administrator, and software developer
  • formerly worked at Mount Stromlo Observatory as a telescope operator on the MACHO project working on the 50″ and 74″ telescopes
  • headline presentation at the Brainwaves Science Festival 2003
  • co-recipient of the 2002 Berenice Page Medal from the Astronomical Society of Australia
  • co-discoverer of supernova 1998el

Michael MacDonald


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